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Fruits is our passion

Our history begins in 1970, when Vasilis Taktikos established the family business in Nea Manolada. His vision was to expand beyond the narrow boundaries of our region. The first step towards the achievement of this goal was made in 1978 with our company becoming the vanguard in strawberry cultivation and strawberry trading.

Steps continued to be taken, efforts were intensified and our expectations were confirmed.

In 2001, our small family business had now become a healthy Limited Company and, by exploiting the possibilities provided by the 3rd Community Support Framework, it evolved into a modern industry for the packaging of agricultural products from the region.

Since then Taktikos SA has been the leading strawberry wholesale company in Greece as one of the biggest strawberries producer giving extra attention to: strawberries cultivation, strawberries bulk and strawberries trading in Greece and Europe.

Quality Standards

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years of experience


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Strict specifications

All raw and auxiliary materials, as well as the packaging materials we use, fulfil the strictest specifications of the modern European and international standards. Moreover, we constantly invest in the best and technologically advanced equipment in the sector of agricultural products.

Multiple Ordinary Quality and Hygiene Checks

Our properly trained staff constantly and carefully checks all stages: incoming materials & packaging materials, production process, intermediate and final products.

The company’s Quality Control department strictly checks every incoming load, upon its delivery at our facilities.All packaging materials come from approved suppliers in Greece and abroad.

Certified Produces

In constant cooperation with a network of producers – members, we use properly specified and certified raw materials, according to the standard GLOBALG.A.P., achieving the production of safe agricultural products, under absolutely controlled conditions, without any remains of pesticides.


We apply control procedures and an integrated product traceability system (Product Traceability System) at every production stage, “from the farm, to your table”.

Through the electronic system PlantechoTraceabilitysolution, we fully monitor the products as they are transformed in the various phases of the production process or transported in the supply chain.

Our aims:

Our primary concern is the perfect operation and development of our packaging department and constructive cooperation with our suppliers. We constantly gain the trust of our customers thanks to our top quality products.

We distribute our products using our private fleet of trucks, also utilizing the vehicles of associates to meet any additional transportation needs. We ensure the prompt delivery of fruits and vegetables, but only after their having undergone exhaustive checks. Our modern machinery and expert personnel enable us reliably to meet all customer requirements in terms of packaging formats.

Our strengths:

The sincere cooperation we maintain with our suppliers, the reliability and high quality we offer to our customers, the excellent packaging of our products, and the implementation of strict quality controls are our strongest assets, making TAKTIKOS a top brand, synonymous with trust and reliability.


Steps continued to be taken, efforts were intensified and our expectations were confirmed.

Our premises are spread over an area of 20,000m2, of which 3,000m2 is covered space to meet the needs of the packaging department. Our future plans include the expansion of covered space up to 6,500-7,000m2. There are chambers for the storage of fruits and vegetables and preservation refrigerators. Our unit is equipped with a traceability system and is certified with ISO 22.000: 2005, HACCP and BRC Certification. Our products have achieved GLOBALGAP Certification.

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